”Tell me about yourself”

I am unemployed since December 2020. I resigned from a job I had in childcare. I thought what’s wrong in wanting to do what you truly love and have been studied for

Well, during these difficult times, here I am 2 months later still on hunting. I had lots of interviews, but it was a waste of time!

Why? because the employers receive hundreds of applications and they do not even look at your CV, they just call you on ZOOM and ask you some questions (I hate the question tell me about yourself’) and then they send or call to say that unfortunately… you know the rest of it. The companies, employers are affording to do it, there is a lot of people to choose from.

It’s quite a struggle to get a job if you do not have experience in the field for at least 2 years. You see the job of your dream, you graduated in that sector but they are not choosing you because they want at least 3 years experience. The list of ” skills, knowledge, abilities, experience is growing, at least 2 pages of requirements. Now tell me, how can a 25-year-old get a job?

A few hours ago a company sent me an application form to fill out for a job position they have, the application had 7 pages but not only this struggle, on the 5th page they ask some terrible personal questions like ”Please tell us about your background, including details of the family you grew up in, your memories of childhood (good and bad), what sort of things did you/do you enjoy doing with your family? How would you describe your general outlook on life?

I find these questions stupid, irrelevant to ask a person.
What’s next, what you ate last night, how many days a week you take a shower, tell me about your first boyfriend, have you kissed or…

I am very disappointed by some people that you would expect more from them. I am frustrated by this system of recruiting!

Do the politicians know, have they any idea of how hard it is for the young persons to get the job they were trained for it? I know the economy is not good at all, the foundation is built on quicksand, not on hard rock. We are in lockdown since December, people are standing in ques at the food bank.

Something must be done, dear politicians with superpower!

Are we wondering why are there a lot of people unemployed? well, the answer might be around here. Let’s pray for a better future, bright minds and kind people.

People, if you can, work for your own idea, dream, not for someone else’s. Start your own business, employ the young persons, give chances and train with kindness your employees.


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