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Maternity leave UK

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Are you a busy parent, or do you love your job, or both?

Well, when a baby comes into your life, how do you organise yourself to be a Mom/Dad and still working?

I think is really challenging, as in UK for example, you only are entitle to 1 year of maternity leave. I am trying to walk in these parents shoes, the ones that bring their 8 months old baby to the nursery so they can go to work and gain more money. I will NEVER be able to leave my baby in a childcare setting, pay over £10,000 a year for the day care and at the end of the day spend 1 hour with my baby, before they fell asleep, sounds like a nightmare!

I am aware of the babies development, especially in the early years, the parents needs to be part of their growing, exploring and enjoying every minute!

Do you want them to say first Mom/Dad or their Key worker’s name from the nursery?

I know is so important and vital to have a good salary so you can pay for food, rent, and so on. But can you still survive at least one year not going back to work?!. Just do some calculations and see if you can do it, as I know some parents can do it, but chose not to.

The Government should help parents and to be aware that babies needs to be with their parents at least 24 months, change the law!

What do you think?