Compassion for the ones around us, personal development, self confidence


Do you have self-confidence?

Self -Confidence is an attitude about your abilities, knowledge, skills. You know your strengths and weakness very well, but most importantly you have a positive image of yourself.

You set realistic expectations, goals, can handle criticism and your communication skills are assertive.

If you look now in the mirror, what are you seeing? A brave lion or a scared little mouse?

To gain self-confidence we have to have good self-esteem about ourselves, DO NOT CRITICISE yourself for a fail exam, event, or whatever. Every day, as a human being we are improving as we are not perfect and is good to learn and reflect on our mistakes. BTW do not get stuck on comparing yourself with other people

Boost your self – confidence by:

Every day learn a simple thing, read one chapter from a book

Have a good routine of self care

Prioritize your own needs and emotions

Surround yourself with good friends

And count your blessings when you feel sad, inferior to other people.