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Family time

In the last year, we have spent less time with our relatives due to a global pandemic that is still affecting us.

But, some parents spent much more time with their children at home. Dealing with homework, managing behaviours, and getting to know more about their children, like-dislike and likes.

The global pandemic has allowed some people to spend more time with their children, which is a ”+” for both parties.

Spending time with family is such an important thing to do. Sure your children will appreciate it,

Do you want to know some benefits of spending quality time with your family?

  1. Increases self-esteem
  2. Strengthen family bond
  3. They feel cared for, loved, listened to
  4. Can help the child on his/her academic plan (academic performance)
  5. Reduces anxiety, worries
  6. It helps the child communicate better and be a good friend.
  7. It’s not just a plus for children but also for you as a parent. You will feel much happier, fewer worries, better communication with children for future issues, problem.

 Spend time with your family as we do not live eternal. Cherish the time you got with your family!

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Teaching children to be grateful

Start from an early age to teach your child/ren the art of appreciation and gratefulness

Sometimes, children do not understand (depending on age) that to have 4, 5 boxes of toys in the lounge, someone has to work to afford those toys, they aren’t falling from the sky nor a magic formula will bring stuff for us. So we have to explain, teach our children the art of being grateful, thankful with what they have and not asking every day for a robot, doll, Lego and so on

I have witnessed some parents bribing their child with a new expensive toy every time they wanted to go out on a Saturday night, they will say
”If you go to sleep now and behave,m tomorrow we will buy you a new toy” the child is snoring so off they went. Tell me to know, will the child appreciate the toys, or will she/he ever play with that toy?

Start by teaching them to say the magic words ”Thank you and please” Be a role model for them. Treat everyone with kindness.

Talk with children about sharing. Observe the child at a play date, is he/she happy sharing the toys?

What if you ask the children to pack up some toys they do not want and then take them to the children home or the poor family you know. Now is the time for the child to understand the art of gratefulness.

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What is positive parenting?
Positive parenting builds healthier relationships between parents and their children. It gives the parents the tools they need to use at the right time, is also focused on developing a strong committed bond with the children based on respect and communication.
Some studies show that children with parents that care and take the parenting classes are much happier and open to talk about their problems with their parents.
Being a positive parent means:
To set boundaries
To be responsive
To care and to act
To prioritise the time you spent with children
Be honest

Be a good role model#

And the list can continue.

If you need help with you parenting styles, let me know.

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