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Disadvantaged children

It can affect children from birth and left unchecked and unchallenged, can impact negatively on every aspect of a child’s life.

Usually, poor children are located in hard to reach villages, isolated, but not only. In these villages, communities people follow traditions, they copy each others even if it’s bad or good. Sometimes no one is going to these villages to make a difference, and the children grow up and have no future.

I used to live like a disadvantaged kid some years of my life, what was the reason? well, an alcoholic dad and unemployment of both of my parents. I do not condemn them, but I try to understand their actions.

There are a number of reasons why a family may be disadvantaged, and therefore, vulnerable.

  1. Unemployment
  2. Single parent
  3. Low income
  4. Substance abuse…

What are the effects on a child living in poverty?

A child may suffer from:

A poor diet or neglect

Low educational achievement: no school trips, no books, uniform packed lunch, healthy snack

Lack of positive interactions with parents

They might be unable to understand their own emotions and those of others

Poor/dirty clothes, shoes.

The child may have low self esteem

Tensions/fights between parents at home.

The child may experience some types of abuse from parents or family.

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Life, Style


Our life sometimes can be stressful, full of problems, concerns, you name it…

Not knowing what is next in your life, can be so discouraging. Many people develops a form of anxiety which later one takes the form of depression. We are dealing with uncertainty during this Corona virus pandemic, we can’t control many things these days, not knowing what tomorrow brings can leave us powerless over the direction of our life.

We are people, human being so we like to feel safe and to have a sense of control in our lives.

I think 4 or 5 years ago, I felt anxious and had a lot of problems to solve in my life. I remember going to church to hear the message but it didn’t help, I was encouraged for 2, 3 hours and then back to sadness again.

One day my aunt came from Italy and ask me for a favour, to go with her to the passport service in town. I went with her and while I was waiting for her, a little girl came to me and took my hand and asked me ”how are you”? I told her I am fine, then I asked for her name, she said ”NARCISA” then she gave me a hug. I was about to cry, like that kid just came to me and gave me a hug, not even knowing me. My heart needed that encouragement. I felt like all my sadness went away and gave me a purpose in life, to see the life different. This little girl and her family looked so poor, with some dirty clothes but their little girl heart was gold. This gave me much more courage to finish my social work studies and to help people like them. In 2017 I finished my studies.

When you feel uncertain, anxious, discouraged in your heart, God sends you someone to hug you, just receive and open your eyes to see the people around you, the ones which are ready to help you out!

We need encouragement in our lives, we need people to show us affection and care.

We can encourage others too, be nice and kind to people!

PSALM 46:10