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FAITH- To have faith in someone or something is like we can rest and trust in someone or something.

Do we have doubts about the person we trust?

Well, depends, isn’t it?

Having faith in people is good. Myself for example, I had a lot of faith and trust in some people while enrolling to High School. I had started a new chapter in my life with the left foot, my parents decided to divorce, dad became an alcoholic and lived on the streets. So I had to move to dorm in college and have faith in some people I knew, they told me they will support, help and encourage me during my 4 years of college. This is trust and faith.

Through these years my faith wasn’t wrong, these people helped me out and I finished the college.

Faith in God is different than faith in people. If we have faith in is amazing and trusting. Romans 10:17 ”Faith in God is trust HIM, based on a true understanding of who He is.

LOVE – Such a strong word, I LOVE the word of love. God loves us with unconditional LOVE. For God doesn’t matter your sins, your past, He just LOVES us.

He loves us and we also love Him and the people around us. Love each other as I have loved you, John 15:12.

Now, I love kids, babies,my siblings,my future husband an so on.

Also I love poor children, I love seeing their innocent smile. Because I care about them, and I understand their needs, I want to sustain their education, often poor kids drop out of school. Poverty is the main reason.

God says to love people and do good for them, we do not want to discriminate based on religion, age, race, gender. Love is care.

HOPE- Amazing word. Hope is a fundamental component of the life of the righteous.

Bible verses about hope:

Romans 8:24-25, Hebrew 11:1

HOPE IS WHAT WE BELIEVE IN AND CANNOT BE SEEN,LIKE GOD. WE have hope he is there, we believe and know in our hearts.