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Teaching kindness to children

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. ― Dr Seuss

Many parents are wondering when should I teach kindness to my child?

Well, do not forget that the child is imitating you and you are his/her role model at least in the early years.

“We can’t control their behaviour, but we can look for ways to demonstrate kind behaviour ourselves.”

Fortunately, kids are eager to copy us from a young age, so you can model kindness from the time they’re babies. “After all, you want your 18-month-old to imitate hugging someone. As they get older, your kids will watch how you treat people, from subtle interactions, such as putting your phone down to make eye contact and say thank you, to more tangible acts of kindness, like inviting a lonely person to share a holiday, bringing a meal to a sick neighbour, comforting the bereaved, and donating time and money to take care of people in need.

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Being kind doesn’t mean we have to be stupid, weak, naive!

I always say BE KIND and I truly believe in the meaning of these words!

But, I have noticed that some people sees the kindness like a weak value, something that can be used against you.  

I think some persons even think I’m easy to manipulate or a real push-over. I remember a lot of situations when I chose to be kind to a person and let myself down so that person can feel he/she won.

I am sure that God gave me this value and wants me to use it and to be kind, But also I AM SURE He doesn’t wants people to think or treat me as I am a weak person, here is not my problem but their problem. I choose to still show kindness and help people, I believe kindness can transform a heart made of stones into a gold heart full of kindness and compassion!

Learned my lesson, some people will always try to put you down and think they are better than you, and makes you feel weak, especially when they discover your kindness ”weapon”. In these situation I remember these kind of people seek attention, they might be hurt inside, or have no wisdom!

Like bible says in Matthew 5:44, just read, it’s an amazing verse

In these time we all live, feels like it’s the end of the world soon. So if we are all unkind, severe what is going to happen? Next time we meet a kind, compassionate person, try to be nice and think that we all live on this earth we all never know what happens in the next minute, we have to measure our words that comes from our mouth. We all live once, let’s be kind and lovely persons!

What is kindness?

Kindness is a behaviour marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition and consideration for others. It s a virtue, a value which is considered to be one of the knightly virtues.

Being kind often requires courage and strength!


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PSALM 51:10 – Create in me a pure heart o God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

What is gold?

Gold – a precious metallic element, highly malleable and ductile, and not subject to oxidation or corrosion.

We using the expression ” he/she has a heart of gold” which means that we want to point out what a good person someone is. It is a strong compliment with a very positive connotation. It comes from the idea of gold being a precious metal that is highly valued. The use of this idiom dates back at least to the 1400.

In the bible the word heart is mentioned 752 times. In genesis 6:6 says ” And the Lord regretted that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart”. This shown that God feels emotions, our hearts are abundance of emotions.

Heart of gold (kindness, compassion)