Merry Christmas!

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

Some of us are celebrating the CHRISTMAS, but I want you and me to remember the meaning of Christmas. What are we celebrating, truly?
This year has been a challenging one. I think people prayed to God much more this year than in any other years. We are hating all that’s happening right now in the world. People have lost their family, friends, but much more the elderly are the ones that are suffering. I was watching a video about a lady that has lost her husband, she said ”we have been together for 70 years and he died in a homecare of Covid-19, so I couldn’t participate to the funeral, my heart is broken”.
She cried and cried. I felt so sorry for her.
This Christmas is going to be different, no doubt. All we have is the hope, faith that next year, we will celebrate together with our loved ones, we will give lots of hugs, kisses, and let our phone away while enjoying the family, friends.
Now, what happened on Christmas day?
JESUS was born, the one that saved us from hell, gave us eternal life. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. Give him praise!
God bless you, all!

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Poor children live with one meal a day, or sometimes one slice of bread. I met those families, children. They do not ask you for anything, but you can read in their eyes their struggle of day to day to survive.
One family has no Dad figure, and the 4 children live with neighbours, relatives because they do not have a house, no stability.
I am trying to help some families and give children HOPE for a bright future. If you wanna be part of it, just send me a message or support a family.

Together we can change their day, make them smile 🙂


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