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Bonding and attachment in babies

The word ”attachment” describes the emotional bond between a child and their main caregiver that develops during their early years of life

When the baby is around 9 months can show you signs of emotional attachments. Bonding and attachment in very early infancy is important tfor a healthy development of baby and child, parents need to be aware of importance of interacting and communicating with their baby.

Insecurely attached babies are at greater risk of problems in emotional development, and children with very poor attachment experiences are at greatest risk of failure to thrive in early years they can develop problems like(lowered self-esteem and schooling difficulties in childhood or later in life).

Now, I wanna talk about the bond between a baby and their nanny, nursery teacher, any other person but not the PARENTS.

Imagine, you bring your child to the nursery, the child is 10 months old, the baby comes to the nursery every day from 9 am to 6 pm, now, is that child attached to the people in the nursery more than the parents?

I have experienced a case like this, the child was so attached to me that there were times when he only wanted me, of course he enjoyed his parents, but you can see on parents face the jealousy, when giving a brief feedback about the child’s day.

I am not trying to blame the parents, I am just trying to talk from my point of view, being in the position of taking care in a setting ( with joy, and care) of someone elses child for 10 hours a day, every day. PARENTS, try to understand and see the importance of your children emotional attachment, do not be jealous, at the end of the day that child is YOURS, we are just doing our job with care, joy. passion.

The bonding between the young child and their caregivers provides the experiences required to develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Lack of consistent and enriched experiences in early childhood can result in delays in motor, language, social, and cognitive development.