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What makes you happy?

Did we forget what made us happy years ago, when we were kids!?

Let me give you one example from my childhood (there are many examples, I will try giving you one) Ice skating on the main street with my friends. We didn’t have much or been to our big city Ice Skating Ring, but I knew how to skate on our main street, where everyone was walking by, greeting and doing their Christmas shopping. Nice memories!
I still love Ice Skating!

What makes us happy as an adult living in these times?
Waking up in the morning to get to our jobs or on the salary day when are we trying to sort out the monthly spending?
Are we running after fame, money, career, diplomas, buying a big house in which we are most of the time worried about the next electricity bill (see living costs in 2022) thinking that once we have what we wished for we will be happy again?
I m not saying it’s a bad thing to have those, but let’s be honest, what makes us happy?
How can we increase our level of happiness and live a blessed and joyful life?

Take a minute and write a list of what makes you and your family happy.
A trip for 2 days?
Spending more time at your grandparent’s house?
Meeting with your old friends?
Going ice skating with your family?
Planning an exotic holiday?
Reading your bible, going to church this Sunday?
Cooking your partner’s favourite meal?
Buying the dress or shoes you wanted for a while now?
Giving a Christmas present to a family in need?
Or just having a coffee in the shopping centre?

What makes me happy is waking up early in the morning to drink my coffee. My husband gave me a good night kiss(he also gives one to my baby bump). Eating my favourite chocolate. Good news from my large family. Feeling my baby moving. Supporting my family when is needed and the list is not stopping here.

To to sum up…Enjoy the good coffee, have fun on your holiday, buy the dress– they are all good and fine and bring bright moments into our lives.

Do more of what makes you happy, and be less worried and stressed.

Be blessed!

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Amazing announcement

My absence from the blog is very well explained and comes with a surprise.
My children’s book Happy Hippo and Kind Goose is available on kindle edition on Amazon.co.uk. Soon paperback will be available.
If you want your children, grandchildren to have a great laugh and learn about friendship, kindness, happiness, then order a copy now.

Much appreciated 🙂


What I am thankful for (during COVID-19)

The Pandemic have changed the vision of our daily life, came like a hurricane to destroy everything.

During this difficult times, some us lost something, someone we loved. We learnt to appreciate the life more, and the little tibgs in our life.

So i am Going to make a list of what I am thankful for during these difficult times

  1. That I have a roof under my head
  2. I have a person to talk to, rely on, share my thoughts to
  3. I have resources to buy my food
  4. Happy to have devices that keeps me busy, connected with other people
  5. I kept my job, so I have an income.
  6. I know GOD, and I am trusting HIS plan, I know HE loves me and take cares of my needs.

And many other things which I probably do not remeber now, but I am grateful for all I shared with you, today.

What are you grateful for?

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