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Cum să publicați o carte pentru copii – Londra

Happy Hippo și Kind Gose este cărticica pe care am publicat-o in Iulie 2021 în Londra.

Scriu această postare deoarece multe persoane m-au contactat pentru a le da câteva sfaturi, raspunde la întrebări.

Cartea mea este publicată de o editură independenta, asta înseamnă 100% drepturi de autor. Dezavantaje sunt si aici destule, dar pasiunea și scopul cărții sunt mai importante pentru mine.


Pasul 1. Ai obținut ISBN-ul cărții? Ai nevoie de câte un ISBN (cod de bare) pentru fiecare format al cărții. Hippo și Goose este în format fizic -paperback și electronic pe Amazon Kindle.

Pasul 2. Ai pdf-ul cărtii cu ilustrațiile? Daca răspunsul este DA! atunci este timpul pentru printareeeeee, si aici ai nevoie de o căutare buna pe Google. Eu îți pot da o recomandare cu prețuri foarte bune și calitate de nota 10, scrie mi aici pe e-mail http://www.moncojbooks.com

3. Ar trebui acum să ai cartea în mânuțe, fii mândră/ mândru de realizarea ta! You did it! Dar partea cea mai dificila începe acum, știi de ce?

4. Promovarea cărții, practic a muncii tale dedicate celor mai frumoase suflețele de pe acest pământ. Cartea să fie pe website, Amazon și rețele de socializare.

Pasul 5. Nu-ți pierde speranța, adu-ti aminte scopul cărții și zâmbetele inocente ale copiilor care deja ți-au deschis cartea.

Pentru mai multe detalii despre Hippo si Goose aveti link-ul de mai jos.



Amazon Kindle format aici https://www.amazon.co.uk/Happy-Hippo-Goose-Crina-Mondoc-ebook/dp/B098TKTH8W/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1380S9XB7PZJO&keywords=happy+hippo+and+kind+goose&qid=1646476411&sprefix=%2Caps%2C241&sr=8-2

Îmi puteți scrie pe moncojbooks@gmail.com

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It is believed gingerbread was first baked in Europe at the end of the 11th century when returning crusaders brought back the custom of spicy bread from the Middle East.
Did you know that ginger has the property to preserve the bread?
I remember when I was around 14-15 I have done my first gingerbread house, it did not look like a house though and keep in mind I wasn’t 6, 7 or 10 years old, but I remember it was fun.
When you want to do the activity with your toddlers, keep in mind that it will be messy, so practically throw all your expectations out the window and just have fun with the little ones!
First tip: Provide, buy more candies, sweets than you plan to use, you know why right?
Well, the children try the candy first to be sure that is sweet, tasty or good enough to be attached to the house, one in their mouth one on the house… But make sure they do not exaggerate, or no sleep that night, their energy will go up.
Second tip: Have the recipe, the making in your mind already as children lose their patience easy and quick, so to have their attention, the adult must know what’s next.
Third tip: Be prepared for the mess afterwards. It gets messy doing the gingerbread, especially if you work with more than 2 children, depending on their age band you can require and receive help with tidying up.

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From 12 months to 2 years you have a toddler now.

Developmental milestones are behaviours, physical skills, communication skills seen in infants and children as they grow and develop. Crawling, wahing, walking are all considered milestones.

As the child grows between 1-2 years old they will start to learn social skills through play, copying others.

Their cognitive and language development will grow quickly asa they absorb more and more from the world around them.

Emotional development

-seeks comfort when upset, afraid

-Assists another child when in distress by giving hugs, patting, giving the dummy, bottle, or so on.

May lose contron of self when tired or frustred (tantrums).

Activities to do with your toddler

  • Sensory play with jelly
  • Read them
  • We are going on a bear hunt( see the book)
  • Sensory play with sand
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Playdough
  • Painting
  • Pretend Play
  • Singing Nursery Rhymes
  • Garden time/ Gardening
  • Set up some soft blocks – Physical dev.
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7 activities to do with your children during quarantine

During this time of lock down we spend our time at home with the FAMILY! While staying at home and practising social distancing outdoor, clearly we spend most of the time inside. So for those with kids in home I prepared 7 examples of activities to enjoy/to do with your kids.

I work in a nursery since last year, here in London, I have noticed kids love to play in their own way with toys, and they can make have fun with an object we can’t even think about e.g. a broom and/or dust pan.

i encourage you to get involved in kids play, if you have a baby is so important to interact with the baby. You can interact by playing, speaking, singing, making funny faces. There is a term ”serve-return” which means the back and forth interactions between a parent and a child.

Here are some activities to enjoy with your precious children

  1. Baking time- Baking with your children is amazing. Now depends on the age of you kid/kids. It can turn in a messy play, a wonderful discussion between you and your child. Also baking enhances fine motor skills, teaches life skills, increases Math ability, and so on.

2. Join online courses about what your kid is interesting in, this depend on your kid age. Science courses are amazing and really interested, you can assist the child while trying the experiments.

3. Rice Play – is so much fun! In a tray add some plain rice or coloured with food colouring, add spoons, pots, cups and let the baby enjoy this sensory play.

4. Board games – These are for the older kids.The games develop cognitive skills in children

5. Garden time – if you have a garden, you are lucky, if not take the kids and go to the park (if your country allows you). Outdoor activities are refreshing, gives energy. Now is the moment to teach your child how to ride the bike.

6.Cinema time – Choose together a movie to watch, some popcorn and fresh juice ? You can learn the kid how to make fresh juice.

7. Household chores – great idea! and no, you do not have to pay your kids for doing it! This activity is for older children, maybe over 7 y.o. They can clean their own room, fold laundry, clean bathroom, wash windows, etc.