toxic co-worker

Have a toxic co-worker?

Everywhere in this world, no matter where you go on this globe, you will come across toxic people, but the ones that will give you a headache are your co-workers.

There are 3 or more signs that your co-worker is toxic and you should stay away from him/her.

  1. They are judgemental – they can have a profoundly negative impact on a working environment. They usually pass judgement on everything and everyone he or she encounters. It can be anything from the colour of your t-shirt to the food you packed for lunch, they have opinions for anything in this world, and they feel the need to express all of them, if you disagree, well, then they will have opinions( not kind one) about you too.

2. They are selfish – Toxic people are selfish 100%, they are frequently opportunistic and only think about how circumstances benefit them.

Selfish persons make self-contradictory statements. Whatever selfish persons say, they back-out from that statement and do not do that work what they say to accomplish.

3. They love gossiping

They are feeding themselves with the gossips, they can’t wait for the next mistake a co-worker does, and at the moment they have the chance they gossip about, with their ”friend” at work. They are like ”pot stirrers’ and strive to make others look bad.

We all met toxic people at the workplace, but the key is to know how to coop with them. We have to understand that they might have problems, issues in their brain, life, or they simply want some attention and they have the need to feel important, as no one makes them feel important (especially in their childhood).

Do not permit them to invade you, do not let them be in charge of anything. Perhaps they should take a holiday and think about changing their lifestyle, their thoughts, actions, and visiting a psychologist.

This is one more reason why I keep saying BE KIND! God is in control, and He is watching them too!

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