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It is believed gingerbread was first baked in Europe at the end of the 11th century when returning crusaders brought back the custom of spicy bread from the Middle East.
Did you know that ginger has the property to preserve the bread?
I remember when I was around 14-15 I have done my first gingerbread house, it did not look like a house though and keep in mind I wasn’t 6, 7 or 10 years old, but I remember it was fun.
When you want to do the activity with your toddlers, keep in mind that it will be messy, so practically throw all your expectations out the window and just have fun with the little ones!
First tip: Provide, buy more candies, sweets than you plan to use, you know why right?
Well, the children try the candy first to be sure that is sweet, tasty or good enough to be attached to the house, one in their mouth one on the house… But make sure they do not exaggerate, or no sleep that night, their energy will go up.
Second tip: Have the recipe, the making in your mind already as children lose their patience easy and quick, so to have their attention, the adult must know what’s next.
Third tip: Be prepared for the mess afterwards. It gets messy doing the gingerbread, especially if you work with more than 2 children, depending on their age band you can require and receive help with tidying up.

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#children, #development, pregnancy and babies

4 common worries for new mums

Being worried it’s natural and normal for new parents, panicking about every little thing and reading books before giving birth, it’s all normal.
Before giving birth, you have different worries than after the baby is born. While you are pregnant you might be anxious that the baby didn’t move yesterday, you are thinking about the labour and delivery, and how will you coop within the first month of your baby’s life.

  1. Is my baby getting enough to eat – I heard some mums saying that they woke up the babies to feed them, I think is a mistake to wake up the baby, if the baby is hungry, for sure the baby will wake up and cry in a way of asking for food. If you are waking up that baby every time he sleeps, for sure, you will make that a routine in his brain so the baby will wake up when he/ she is 2, 3, 4 years old.

2. The fear that your baby will die – Being a new parent can be stressful sometimes. My Mum told me that when I was a baby (in my first days of life) she was so worried that every night she will take turns with my Dad to check on me with the mirror trick to see if I am breathing, now that’s anxiety.

3. The baby is crying too much – A lot of parents discover how often and how long newborns cry, especially for dads could be stressful and they start panicking that something it’s not right with the baby, which usually it’s normal or the baby’s needs are not meet.

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4. The baby sleep – In the first pregnancy some mums read tons of books about baby’s sleep, but you have to understand that every baby is different and special, so if in the book says that your baby needs 12 hours of sleep, well do not believe it, or worse be anxious that your baby is only sleeping 10 hours. The baby will sleep as long as she/needs.