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Happy father’s day!

In the USA, UK and Canada – Fathers’ Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June since being made a national holiday in 1966. In Australia and New Zealand, fathers are honoured the first Sunday in September. Other countries celebrate fathers throughout the year. For example in my country (Romania) we celebrated in May.

I wanna talk about the importance of being a DAD for the children, to be there, to be a foundation for your family.

I could not enjoy that much of my dad, I was his princess for 14 years. But I know that in the moment when dad wasn’t there It felt like a collapse.

Believe me, a dad can make a HUGE difference in his daughter life! He is the one that the girl will look up at and she will take him like a future model of her future husband. When I was about 16 I remember having a boyfriend and I used to compare his actions with my dad, the way he treated me, how my dad treat my MOM and even the appearance.

A father has an even greater influence on his children than a mother when it comes to the development of behaviour traits.

Fathers who show love to their daughters and accept them as they are help foster a positive sense of self in the female. Negligent fathers, on the other hand, can send their daughters down a dark path of depression, substance abuse, and psychological problems.

Fathers also play an important role when we talk about the financial and physical health of their daughters. Girls see their fathers as a symbol of financial stability. If the father was involved a lot in his daughter’s childhood, his daughter will be more likely to have better physical and financial health which can lead her to success.

Now, do not get me wrong, but fathers are important not just in his girl life but in the family as a whole!

Here is testimony from a anonymous person

”My father was emotionally absent, rejected me and was not the ideal father. I also watched him cheat on my mother. This article is so true because I became aggressive, angry, and did terrible in school. They got a divorce and it just caused so much depression and I’ve always felt like something was missing”.


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Why toddlers refuse food?

At my workplace I am observing many children refusing their food, simply they do not wanna open their mouth or they are pushing away the plate. I am watching them and think how long they will resist that day without food, so we are trying to offer them options, and guess what, they are perfectly fine with plain pasta or a biscuit!

Now, we have to keep in mind that children may refuse a type of food if it’s the first time you give it to them, they need to taste it slowly and a few times to learn to like it, so make sure you are not forcing, pushing the food aggressively in the mouth, most probably they will not like it. Would you like if someone will push the spoon in your mouth, with food you never tried, let’s say…snake meat! yuck!

Also some children may like to be independent and not to be feed, so just let the plate in front of them and observe them without talking, touching their food, try to ”avoid” them. I do have a baby in the nursery that loves to be independent and eat with his own hands.

Toddlers refuse extra food also when they have eaten enough. Do not try to overfeed your toddler,some kids will eat less food than other toddlers of the same age. If your toddler is growing and developing normally then he or she is taking the right quantity of food for his or her own needs!

There is also medical reason why kids refuse to eat. When kids have a well documented medical condition or are visibly sick, it is obvious that their eating can be affected, but sometimes there are more subtle issues. Two of the biggest culprits are acid reflux and constipation. Both of these very common problems for kids can put a halt to eating.

For many “picky eaters”, sensory processing plays a big role in their refusal to eat foods. Simply put, if something feels gross in their mouth or on their hands, they aren’t going to eat it. they may not like certain textures in their mouth, or chew/lick everything else but food, it is a sign that their oral sensory system needs to be looked at.

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Physical development

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Physical development is an important area of child development that includes children’s physical growth.

Physical activity is vital from birth and develops not only the body, but minds and emotions too.

P.D. involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food (eyfs).

The department of Health says, children should have at least 3 hours of physical activity, spread out over a day. This doesn’t mean three hours of planned activities, as every movement a child makes, is included, and they move a lot.

Physical Play allows children to understand why being physical and moving around is good for health.

P.P. can help children develop confidence, social interaction with their peers, friendship, control and balance, and also allows children to discover their own bodies ( sweating, redness, fast heart beat, fast breathing, tiredness).

For babies (children under 2) physical activity consists of playing and rolling, they can reach the objects, pull. hold, push.These experiences help use muscles and develop motor skills.

How to introduce P.D to children?

Gross Motor Activities – Talk about the fun of skipping, jumping, climbing, running, rolling. These will help the child to be active during the day. Obesity is a main problem in our days, so keep ypur child involved and active in different activities which promote Physical health.

Fine Motor Activities Give the child opportunity to enjoy these activities; cutting, drawing, holding, pressing, twisting, threading.

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I used to raise funds around Christmas time for poor children in Romania, but I wanna do more for them, like they need food every day, not just in December, right?

One of the goals, when I create the blog was (and still is) to help poor children, to raise a concern and to gather people around the same subject, I know and believe that a team can do better than one person. Together let’s feed kids in poverty.


T-SHIRT made from 100% cotton. Good quality! Perfect to be a GIFT. Available sizes XS, S, M 25% is donated to poor children in Roumania, we will buy food for them, pictures to come!


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How does childhood trauma affect adulthood

About this subject I can talk, write a lot. I can relate to it. My parents used to neglect us sometimes, neglecting is a trauma. But shall we let the trauma affect our lives? I did not, I understood my parents actions.

When you are a child, the parents are the ones that should raise your in a healthy, caring, loving way. But what can a child do if the parent, carers, exposes him/her to some forms of abuse, trauma? Well, here comes the adults which are in contact with the child, they should be the heroes in cases of abuse (social workers, health visitor, teachers, etc).

Childhood trauma affects self image – According to psychology today, one of the most devastating impacts of childhood trauma is the effect it has on self-image. Adults who experienced significant trauma as children are more likely to develop a pattern of victimised thinking. Adopting this ideology is incredibly dangerous, as the way people perceive themselves impacts their words, choices, careers, opportunities and relationships. Individuals who genuinely think the world is out to get them will inevitably attract situations and people who reinforce these beliefs, regardless of how incorrect they may be.

I am thinking about the children who lived in a orphanage, their self esteem is so low. I used to work with kids in orphanages and they had some sad stories about the way they were treat there. Some of them experienced forms of abuse. I can just imagine while in adulthood they might have the same low self esteem or their lives to be totally changed in good. God can heal us of all our past, bad experiences and help us forgive and understand peoples actions towards us.

Their are 4 types of abuse ( physical, sexual, emotional, neglect). Some kids experience this types of abuse, and usually happens in family, but family should be LOVE, isn’t it?

If you experienced trauma, abuse in your childhood and now you have anxiety, depression, feel like worthless, just give all to God and HE is ready to heal and love you unconditionally.

If you are a parent, love your kids and treat them with care, compassion, you have to power to model the child today for tomorrow’s adulthood.



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Teaching kids about grace

What is grace, and how we can give grace to children?

GRACE – receiving a blessing you didn’t earn and don’t deserve

I love the meaning of God’s grace- We deserved punishment but God offered us grace, mercy. He gave His son for us at the cross.

Ephesians 2:8-9

I think a parent gives the children grace after grace everyday. Just think about it (if you have a child), let’s say the child broke a vase, would you scream and punish your kid? No, instead you give forgiveness and love, using nice words with your kid. This is grace. If you want the child to have mercy and to learn the grace of God, show it to them, usually kids learn by observing, kids are very much like sponges, soaking up the experiences they have each and every day.

Here are some ideas/activities for the parents to do with their kiddos.

  1. Teach them about the grace – Read a bible story, for example the the story of prodigal son.
  2. Watch a YouTube video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXCBHK6FPEw). I recommend this one.
  3. Show them grace – try to understand the reasons behind the actions. Be there, the children needs parents presence, talk with them, love them unconditionally, teach them the right from bad

Talking with kids about grace is so important and wise. Just imagine when that child will grow up, he/she will offer grace to other people, they will be kind, ready to forgive, compassionate and ready to help.

JOHN 3:16

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What is empathy?

I have to admit that first time I heard and learn this word was in my first year of University, while I studied social work.

I think is something amazing and kind to have empathy.

The standard definition for empathy is – ”Empathy is the ability to understand and appreciate another person’s feelings and experience”.

Empathy seems to have deep roots in our brains and bodies, and in our evolutionary history. Elementary forms of empathy have been observed in our primate relatives, in dogs, and even in rats.

So now, in my perspective empathy refers more generally to the ability of feeling the emotions of another person, but nor the desire to help.


What is compassion? Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental, or emotional pains of another and themselves. This means to suffer together!

Compassion is being aware of others needs or interests and acting to help them. Being genuinely concerned for the welfare of others.

Like the bible verse says ”Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience, Colossians 3:12”.

Compassionate people usually display the following behaviours:

  1. They are receptive to the demands of other and even anticipate them
  2. They have good thoughts about others
  3. They treat people well and do not expect a reward
  4. Kind and helpful with the people around them

I love the word of compassion, wasn’t God compassionate with us? He was and He is!

He saw the suffering and He gave his only son for us. This is true love!

There really is no better declaration of compassion than the one Jesus made on the cross.

In Matthew 9:36 – When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like a sheep without a shepherd.

Jesus sees the needs and acts.

There are so many needs in world, we all experienced to be asked for money by kids, adults in the streets, well I do not encourage to give money, giving money means you encourage the person to beg and to continue doing it. But what if instead of giving money teach them how to earn money?

”Give someone a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

What I want to do is to help children continue going to school, build houses for poor families, invlving them in community work, helping each others is compassion!

Sustain me by buying this T-shirt, 25% is donated to poor families in Romania. And which better start is than starting with your own family.

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FAITH- To have faith in someone or something is like we can rest and trust in someone or something.

Do we have doubts about the person we trust?

Well, depends, isn’t it?

Having faith in people is good. Myself for example, I had a lot of faith and trust in some people while enrolling to High School. I had started a new chapter in my life with the left foot, my parents decided to divorce, dad became an alcoholic and lived on the streets. So I had to move to dorm in college and have faith in some people I knew, they told me they will support, help and encourage me during my 4 years of college. This is trust and faith.

Through these years my faith wasn’t wrong, these people helped me out and I finished the college.

Faith in God is different than faith in people. If we have faith in is amazing and trusting. Romans 10:17 ”Faith in God is trust HIM, based on a true understanding of who He is.

T-shirt with FAITH. LOVE. HOPE

The T-shirt is made from cotton, comes in sizes XS, S, M. A perfect gift with a noble cause. Amazing words, amazing people! 25% is donated to poor children in Romania


LOVE – Such a strong word, I LOVE the word of love. God loves us with unconditional LOVE. For God doesn’t matter your sins, your past, He just LOVES us.

He loves us and we also love Him and the people around us. Love each other as I have loved you, John 15:12.

Now, I love kids, babies,my siblings,my future husband an so on.

Also I love poor children, I love seeing their innocent smile. Because I care about them, and I understand their needs, I want to sustain their education, often poor kids drop out of school. Poverty is the main reason.

God says to love people and do good for them, we do not want to discriminate based on religion, age, race, gender. Love is care.

HOPE- Amazing word. Hope is a fundamental component of the life of the righteous.

Bible verses about hope:

Romans 8:24-25, Hebrew 11:1

HOPE IS WHAT WE BELIEVE IN AND CANNOT BE SEEN,LIKE GOD. WE have hope he is there, we believe and know in our hearts.


T-shirt with FAITH. LOVE. HOPE

The T-shirt is made from cotton, comes in sizes XS, S, M. A perfect gift with a noble cause. Amazing words, amazing people! 25% is donated to poor children in Romania