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How divorce affects children

Growing up with both parents is a blessing, but what is like for a child to grow up with a single parent?

When getting married you do not think it will last 1. month or 5 years but ”till death do us part”, but there are some parents who decide to break the vow sooner. There are a lot of reasons why the parents divorce. When the marriage come to an end the parents are now fighting for the custody ( well, some of them).

Which are the effects of divorce

I will say the first 6 months – 1 year is the most difficult time

The kids might suffer anxiety, distress, anger, abandoned, and can have suicidal thoughts (depends on their age).

There is a huge emotional impact on young children, they can blame themselves about the situation, or they may think that the parents are not loving them.

Children from divorced families may experience more externalising problems, such as conduct disorders, children may also experience more conflict with peers after a divorce, poor academic results.

Always tell your children the truth in regards to divorce!

I believe is better to be divorced than staying in a toxic relationship.

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Devices and kids

I wanted to write about this topic for a long time, and finally here is it.

Parents are all different, their parenting styles are not the same, not even between 2 parents of the same child. Now, having a baby in the 21st century is like they were born in the same time with a well known phone, you know which one I am talking about, you most probably have it in your hand, pocket, bag…

Now let’s talk about our topic

Young brains needs a lot of external stimulation to develop, particular from birth to age 3 (critical period). In this period is better for your child to stay away from devices, keep them engaged with books, talk to them, do indoor or outdoor activities like baking or a trip to the forest. Some parents choose for their child to be in a nursery, kindergarten, in this way children stays away from phone, iPad, tablets, etc. But when kids spent the most of the time at home, some parents introduce to their kids the devices voluntary or involuntary. Now, I am not blaming anyone, there are positives and negatives in all things from this earth.

I was born in 1995, so I did not know that phone exists until I was probably 8 or 9 (2003), that’s when I had my first phone, can you imagine how proud and happy, excited I was? even though that was an old NOKIA, and the only thing I can do was to play that snake game, do you know what I am talking about?

Now, why I was happy about it, well probably because of that game or just the feeling of having that device, or that I could of call my friends, it was something new and exciting. The TV was always there in our room, so I remember watching cartoons quite a lot and sometimes I fought with my brother because he wanted a different channel. Boys and girls didn’t had the same interests, not at that time 🙂

So imagine now, after 2010, the children are amazed of devices, especially that it can offer them a lot of diversity. Of course they will fall in love with mommy’s, daddy’s phone or that tablet, iPad you leave it on the couch…

At work I see babies (15 months old) taking a toy that might look like a phone and hold it to they ears are says ”hello”, so what are we talking about, a child aged 15 months and thinks he is talking on the phone, well our children copies everything we do and say. He most probably seen Mom, dad holding that device at their ear.


I am not against this, but we have to keep in mind 2 things – the age of the child and the time the child is exposed to the device!

If we give a 2 year old the phone, iPad in their hands or put it in front of them to watch cartoons, or to listen to music, so we can do our job… well I am against, and I will tell ypu why, first the child’s age and then you gave that child no external stimulation, no social interaction. What if we invite someone to keep an eye on our child?

If the child is 8 years old and we slowly introduce him/her to the device let them watch, discover, play songs, cartoons for not longer than 1 hour a day, why? Well, because we are in the 21st century and the technology is what we live in. The child might find interests, passion in technology an this a good opportunity to grow up with and later to be a software developer, IT manager, etc. We need people in this areas as in this world is what we feed our self with. Can you imagine life without internet, phones, computers, and other devices? In hospital, schools they need technology.

Supervise your kid activity while using the devices, make sure you do not let them have full access to things you don’t wanna the child look to. It’s so easy to have access to a lot of disturbing content these days, and always remember that online world is not always safe, there are many paedophiles behind the screen.

I have seen a lot of children on Instagram posting ”challenges” that require to meet and have a date and God knows what happens after that ”date”. And the parents has also an Instagram account to, hello do you follow your child activity? Do it now, before is too late, no offence!

My advice is to have in mind the age, purpose, health benefits, time, before introducing kids to devices!


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Why toddlers refuse food?

At my workplace I am observing many children refusing their food, simply they do not wanna open their mouth or they are pushing away the plate. I am watching them and think how long they will resist that day without food, so we are trying to offer them options, and guess what, they are perfectly fine with plain pasta or a biscuit!

Now, we have to keep in mind that children may refuse a type of food if it’s the first time you give it to them, they need to taste it slowly and a few times to learn to like it, so make sure you are not forcing, pushing the food aggressively in the mouth, most probably they will not like it. Would you like if someone will push the spoon in your mouth, with food you never tried, let’s say…snake meat! yuck!

Also some children may like to be independent and not to be feed, so just let the plate in front of them and observe them without talking, touching their food, try to ”avoid” them. I do have a baby in the nursery that loves to be independent and eat with his own hands.

Toddlers refuse extra food also when they have eaten enough. Do not try to overfeed your toddler,some kids will eat less food than other toddlers of the same age. If your toddler is growing and developing normally then he or she is taking the right quantity of food for his or her own needs!

There is also medical reason why kids refuse to eat. When kids have a well documented medical condition or are visibly sick, it is obvious that their eating can be affected, but sometimes there are more subtle issues. Two of the biggest culprits are acid reflux and constipation. Both of these very common problems for kids can put a halt to eating.

For many “picky eaters”, sensory processing plays a big role in their refusal to eat foods. Simply put, if something feels gross in their mouth or on their hands, they aren’t going to eat it. they may not like certain textures in their mouth, or chew/lick everything else but food, it is a sign that their oral sensory system needs to be looked at.

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Being kind doesn’t mean we have to be stupid, weak, naive!

I always say BE KIND and I truly believe in the meaning of these words!

But, I have noticed that some people sees the kindness like a weak value, something that can be used against you.  

I think some persons even think I’m easy to manipulate or a real push-over. I remember a lot of situations when I chose to be kind to a person and let myself down so that person can feel he/she won.

I am sure that God gave me this value and wants me to use it and to be kind, But also I AM SURE He doesn’t wants people to think or treat me as I am a weak person, here is not my problem but their problem. I choose to still show kindness and help people, I believe kindness can transform a heart made of stones into a gold heart full of kindness and compassion!

Learned my lesson, some people will always try to put you down and think they are better than you, and makes you feel weak, especially when they discover your kindness ”weapon”. In these situation I remember these kind of people seek attention, they might be hurt inside, or have no wisdom!

Like bible says in Matthew 5:44, just read, it’s an amazing verse

In these time we all live, feels like it’s the end of the world soon. So if we are all unkind, severe what is going to happen? Next time we meet a kind, compassionate person, try to be nice and think that we all live on this earth we all never know what happens in the next minute, we have to measure our words that comes from our mouth. We all live once, let’s be kind and lovely persons!

What is kindness?

Kindness is a behaviour marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition and consideration for others. It s a virtue, a value which is considered to be one of the knightly virtues.

Being kind often requires courage and strength!


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I wanna talk today about this subject as I find it really sad and violates the rights of the children (girls). That girl goes to a trauma, her self esteem is shaking badly.

BREAST IRONING – It’s a traditional practice whereby the breasts of a girl are flattered with tools like heated objects( spatulas, stones, hammers) to try to make them stop developing or disappear.

Usually happens in the villages, and it’s mostly done by the female members of the family, by an auntie, grandmother, eldest sister.

Some women whose breasts were ”ironed” have said they had trouble producing milk and breastfeeding their children.

Mothers in Cameroon thinks that by this practice girls will look less sexually attractive to men and keeping them in school for longer. (global citizen.org)

According to UNICEF, 38% of the children in Cameroon are married before they turn 18th. and 20% of them drop out of school after getting pregnant.

The practice is more common is West and Central Africa, yet has no borders, it occurs all over the world and has migrated with people and culture in the UK.

I can only imagine what is in their mind, what emotions they have, sure there is fear, pain, trauma, sadness, and so on.

It’s thought that about 1000 girls across the UK have been subjected to the practice. BREAST IRONING is child abuse!

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Physical development

Photo by T.S

Physical development is an important area of child development that includes children’s physical growth.

Physical activity is vital from birth and develops not only the body, but minds and emotions too.

P.D. involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food (eyfs).

The department of Health says, children should have at least 3 hours of physical activity, spread out over a day. This doesn’t mean three hours of planned activities, as every movement a child makes, is included, and they move a lot.

Physical Play allows children to understand why being physical and moving around is good for health.

P.P. can help children develop confidence, social interaction with their peers, friendship, control and balance, and also allows children to discover their own bodies ( sweating, redness, fast heart beat, fast breathing, tiredness).

For babies (children under 2) physical activity consists of playing and rolling, they can reach the objects, pull. hold, push.These experiences help use muscles and develop motor skills.

How to introduce P.D to children?

Gross Motor Activities – Talk about the fun of skipping, jumping, climbing, running, rolling. These will help the child to be active during the day. Obesity is a main problem in our days, so keep ypur child involved and active in different activities which promote Physical health.

Fine Motor Activities Give the child opportunity to enjoy these activities; cutting, drawing, holding, pressing, twisting, threading.

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I used to raise funds around Christmas time for poor children in Romania, but I wanna do more for them, like they need food every day, not just in December, right?

One of the goals, when I create the blog was (and still is) to help poor children, to raise a concern and to gather people around the same subject, I know and believe that a team can do better than one person. Together let’s feed kids in poverty.


T-SHIRT made from 100% cotton. Good quality! Perfect to be a GIFT. Available sizes XS, S, M 25% is donated to poor children in Roumania, we will buy food for them, pictures to come!


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When I was a child, I used to like playing with the dolls, but my favourite activities were outdoor with my friends, we used to play a lot of pretend play, my favourite game was to be a reporter, and a saleswoman (girl). I had a lot of money (leafs). We didn’t had many toys as my family was struggling financially. But I am not upset though.

Now let’s talk about the hundreds of toys kids have in these days…can we count it, if you are a parent, just try to count your children’s toys. How many, too many?

Well, I work in a nursery and our kids have a lot of toys too, but sometimes I have observed that they just do wanna play with the toys, but instead they find a cup, stick, spoon, a leaf more interesting.

I know you love your child so much and you want to make them happy, and sometimes it’s easy to make the kids happy, just by buying a toy, but that joy lasts an hour or less. I was an AU PAIR for a family with a 5 years old boy, they were wealthy and they bought a lot of toys for that child, every week there was a brand new toy, Lego, in his hands, do you know how long that child played with the toy, Lego? 1 day, and that was it. The parents spent hundreds of £ practically for a moment of ”new toy happiness”.

Let’s imagine we going in the playroom now, what can you see? Lego everywhere, toys spread all over the floor?

Now is the moment to CLEAN that room. Ask your child what toys are his favourites and which ones he wants to donate to poor children, is the perfect time to teach the child about compassion, giving, sharing. So the ones he/she can give up just donate it and keep the ones they want to play with.

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Fewer toys can encourage more creative and imaginative play. When children have fewer toys, they find ways to use them in creative way. Quality and fewer toys are the solution for that messy playroom.

Surveys have shown that a typical child owns 238 toys in total but parents think their child plays with just 12 favourites on a daily basis.

Toys are really good, it helps with their development. But what if instead of buying a new toy we propose to the child an outdoor activity?


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PSALM 51:10 – Create in me a pure heart o God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

What is gold?

Gold – a precious metallic element, highly malleable and ductile, and not subject to oxidation or corrosion.

We using the expression ” he/she has a heart of gold” which means that we want to point out what a good person someone is. It is a strong compliment with a very positive connotation. It comes from the idea of gold being a precious metal that is highly valued. The use of this idiom dates back at least to the 1400.

In the bible the word heart is mentioned 752 times. In genesis 6:6 says ” And the Lord regretted that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart”. This shown that God feels emotions, our hearts are abundance of emotions.

Heart of gold (kindness, compassion)


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FAITH- To have faith in someone or something is like we can rest and trust in someone or something.

Do we have doubts about the person we trust?

Well, depends, isn’t it?

Having faith in people is good. Myself for example, I had a lot of faith and trust in some people while enrolling to High School. I had started a new chapter in my life with the left foot, my parents decided to divorce, dad became an alcoholic and lived on the streets. So I had to move to dorm in college and have faith in some people I knew, they told me they will support, help and encourage me during my 4 years of college. This is trust and faith.

Through these years my faith wasn’t wrong, these people helped me out and I finished the college.

Faith in God is different than faith in people. If we have faith in is amazing and trusting. Romans 10:17 ”Faith in God is trust HIM, based on a true understanding of who He is.

T-shirt with FAITH. LOVE. HOPE

The T-shirt is made from cotton, comes in sizes XS, S, M. A perfect gift with a noble cause. Amazing words, amazing people! 25% is donated to poor children in Romania


LOVE – Such a strong word, I LOVE the word of love. God loves us with unconditional LOVE. For God doesn’t matter your sins, your past, He just LOVES us.

He loves us and we also love Him and the people around us. Love each other as I have loved you, John 15:12.

Now, I love kids, babies,my siblings,my future husband an so on.

Also I love poor children, I love seeing their innocent smile. Because I care about them, and I understand their needs, I want to sustain their education, often poor kids drop out of school. Poverty is the main reason.

God says to love people and do good for them, we do not want to discriminate based on religion, age, race, gender. Love is care.

HOPE- Amazing word. Hope is a fundamental component of the life of the righteous.

Bible verses about hope:

Romans 8:24-25, Hebrew 11:1

HOPE IS WHAT WE BELIEVE IN AND CANNOT BE SEEN,LIKE GOD. WE have hope he is there, we believe and know in our hearts.


T-shirt with FAITH. LOVE. HOPE

The T-shirt is made from cotton, comes in sizes XS, S, M. A perfect gift with a noble cause. Amazing words, amazing people! 25% is donated to poor children in Romania


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Our life sometimes can be stressful, full of problems, concerns, you name it…

Not knowing what is next in your life, can be so discouraging. Many people develops a form of anxiety which later one takes the form of depression. We are dealing with uncertainty during this Corona virus pandemic, we can’t control many things these days, not knowing what tomorrow brings can leave us powerless over the direction of our life.

We are people, human being so we like to feel safe and to have a sense of control in our lives.

I think 4 or 5 years ago, I felt anxious and had a lot of problems to solve in my life. I remember going to church to hear the message but it didn’t help, I was encouraged for 2, 3 hours and then back to sadness again.

One day my aunt came from Italy and ask me for a favour, to go with her to the passport service in town. I went with her and while I was waiting for her, a little girl came to me and took my hand and asked me ”how are you”? I told her I am fine, then I asked for her name, she said ”NARCISA” then she gave me a hug. I was about to cry, like that kid just came to me and gave me a hug, not even knowing me. My heart needed that encouragement. I felt like all my sadness went away and gave me a purpose in life, to see the life different. This little girl and her family looked so poor, with some dirty clothes but their little girl heart was gold. This gave me much more courage to finish my social work studies and to help people like them. In 2017 I finished my studies.

When you feel uncertain, anxious, discouraged in your heart, God sends you someone to hug you, just receive and open your eyes to see the people around you, the ones which are ready to help you out!

We need encouragement in our lives, we need people to show us affection and care.

We can encourage others too, be nice and kind to people!

PSALM 46:10


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7 activities to do with your children during quarantine

During this time of lock down we spend our time at home with the FAMILY! While staying at home and practising social distancing outdoor, clearly we spend most of the time inside. So for those with kids in home I prepared 7 examples of activities to enjoy/to do with your kids.

I work in a nursery since last year, here in London, I have noticed kids love to play in their own way with toys, and they can make have fun with an object we can’t even think about e.g. a broom and/or dust pan.

i encourage you to get involved in kids play, if you have a baby is so important to interact with the baby. You can interact by playing, speaking, singing, making funny faces. There is a term ”serve-return” which means the back and forth interactions between a parent and a child.

Here are some activities to enjoy with your precious children

  1. Baking time- Baking with your children is amazing. Now depends on the age of you kid/kids. It can turn in a messy play, a wonderful discussion between you and your child. Also baking enhances fine motor skills, teaches life skills, increases Math ability, and so on.

2. Join online courses about what your kid is interesting in, this depend on your kid age. Science courses are amazing and really interested, you can assist the child while trying the experiments.

3. Rice Play – is so much fun! In a tray add some plain rice or coloured with food colouring, add spoons, pots, cups and let the baby enjoy this sensory play.

4. Board games – These are for the older kids.The games develop cognitive skills in children

5. Garden time – if you have a garden, you are lucky, if not take the kids and go to the park (if your country allows you). Outdoor activities are refreshing, gives energy. Now is the moment to teach your child how to ride the bike.

6.Cinema time – Choose together a movie to watch, some popcorn and fresh juice ? You can learn the kid how to make fresh juice.

7. Household chores – great idea! and no, you do not have to pay your kids for doing it! This activity is for older children, maybe over 7 y.o. They can clean their own room, fold laundry, clean bathroom, wash windows, etc.