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Happy Hippo and Kind Goose

Soon to be available for you little treasures with feet and cute little hands.

A book about kindness and friendship. Talk with your child about how kindness moves mountains and how a a happy, caring friend is a precious gem.

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De ce nu o sa-mi botez copilul

Cu toții am auzit de eroarea omeneasca, de acel copil care la varsta de 6 saptamani a fost botezat in stil ortodox, în urma botezului bebelusul a prins aripi spre un loc pe care noi nici macar nu ni-l putem imagina, raiul în toată splendoarea lui.

Nu o să intru în detalii, a cui a fost greșeala, de ce au l-au botezat la 6 saptamani, etc. Înainte de a vedea paiul din ochiul vecinului să ne vedem de bârna din ochiul nostru. Așadar o să descriu de ce nu o să fac un botez religios viitorului meu bebel.

Pâna la vârsta de 17 ani dacă mă întrebai ce religie am, sau dacă botezul copilului este important, dacă îmi schimb religia and so on… clar îți răspundem așa:

1. Ortodoxă

2. Cel mai important, de nu copilul v-a suferii cand e mai mare ( îți explic mai jos)

3. Niciodata, în asta m-am născut așa mor

Eu nu o să îmi botez copilul deoarece Dumnezeu a zis clar în biblie ce înseamnă botezul; înseamnă să îți mărturisești păcatele, să crezi că Isus a murit și pentru tine, să crezi cu toată inima ceea ce zici.

Un bebe nu poate avea înțelegerea unui adult, el nu poate alege, crede, lepezi de nimic în acel moment. Practic nu este alegerea lui.

O sa las copilul să decidă când este timpul să creadă in Dumnezeu, să se roage să i fie iertate păcatele, să primească viața veșnică dupa moartea fizică.

Eu cred în viața veșnică după moarte. Iar botezul este un simbol prin care eu arăt credința în EL. De fapt, botezul înseamnă moartea și învierea.

Practic să primesti iertarea pe care EL ne-a oferit o la cruce, atunci a șters orice păcat!

Când o să am bebe îi vom face o binecuvântare în care Pastorii se vor ruga pentru el/ea, și cam atat.

Nu am nimic împotriva botezurilor făcute bebelușilor de către ortodocși, ba chiar am participat la câteva.

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Make sure your parenting style is supporting healthy growth and development because the way you interact with your child and how you act will influence your child’s future

There are four types of parenting styles:

  • Authoritarian
  • Authoritative
  • Permissive
  • Uninvolved


  • The parents do not take the children’s feelings into consideration
  • Children’s point of view, comments, or desire is not valuable.
  • Lots of rules and children MUST follow them or get into trouble
  • They have high expectations for their children
  • When a child asks ”why” they respond ”because I said so”


  • Are responsive to the child emotional needs while still having high standards
  • They explain the reason behind the rule
  • Encourage independence
  • I think this style is the most popular one.


  • They have rules but rarely are enforcing them
  • They tend to be very loving with their children, yet provide few guidelines/rules
  • They are much like a friend to their child, not a parent figure.


  • They don’t ask your child about school or homework
  • They are neglectful, indifferent with the child/ren
  • Rarely know where your child is or who she is with

The parents are all different, raising their children with different styles.

Some have more than one style. Before judging a parent for their parenting style, we have to look into ”their history” or better said their past. If they were abused, neglected they might copy their parent’s, they take them as a model 

There are also exceptions; we can’t guarantee or judge a future parent based on their past. If my parents were uninvolved, this doesn’t mean that I will be uninvolved, for sure I will not.

The uninvolved one is describing my parents after I turned 12-13, my parents changed their style, from authoritative to uninvolved style. If you are asking how come? My Dad became an alcoholic and Mom had enough and became absent.

PARENTS, be present, role model, if you need help with your parenting, ask for help.

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Happy father’s day!

In the USA, UK and Canada – Fathers’ Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June since being made a national holiday in 1966. In Australia and New Zealand, fathers are honoured the first Sunday in September. Other countries celebrate fathers throughout the year. For example in my country (Romania) we celebrated in May.

I wanna talk about the importance of being a DAD for the children, to be there, to be a foundation for your family.

I could not enjoy that much of my dad, I was his princess for 14 years. But I know that in the moment when dad wasn’t there It felt like a collapse.

Believe me, a dad can make a HUGE difference in his daughter life! He is the one that the girl will look up at and she will take him like a future model of her future husband. When I was about 16 I remember having a boyfriend and I used to compare his actions with my dad, the way he treated me, how my dad treat my MOM and even the appearance.

A father has an even greater influence on his children than a mother when it comes to the development of behaviour traits.

Fathers who show love to their daughters and accept them as they are help foster a positive sense of self in the female. Negligent fathers, on the other hand, can send their daughters down a dark path of depression, substance abuse, and psychological problems.

Fathers also play an important role when we talk about the financial and physical health of their daughters. Girls see their fathers as a symbol of financial stability. If the father was involved a lot in his daughter’s childhood, his daughter will be more likely to have better physical and financial health which can lead her to success.

Now, do not get me wrong, but fathers are important not just in his girl life but in the family as a whole!

Here is testimony from a anonymous person

”My father was emotionally absent, rejected me and was not the ideal father. I also watched him cheat on my mother. This article is so true because I became aggressive, angry, and did terrible in school. They got a divorce and it just caused so much depression and I’ve always felt like something was missing”.


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Why toddlers refuse food?

At my workplace I am observing many children refusing their food, simply they do not wanna open their mouth or they are pushing away the plate. I am watching them and think how long they will resist that day without food, so we are trying to offer them options, and guess what, they are perfectly fine with plain pasta or a biscuit!

Now, we have to keep in mind that children may refuse a type of food if it’s the first time you give it to them, they need to taste it slowly and a few times to learn to like it, so make sure you are not forcing, pushing the food aggressively in the mouth, most probably they will not like it. Would you like if someone will push the spoon in your mouth, with food you never tried, let’s say…snake meat! yuck!

Also some children may like to be independent and not to be feed, so just let the plate in front of them and observe them without talking, touching their food, try to ”avoid” them. I do have a baby in the nursery that loves to be independent and eat with his own hands.

Toddlers refuse extra food also when they have eaten enough. Do not try to overfeed your toddler,some kids will eat less food than other toddlers of the same age. If your toddler is growing and developing normally then he or she is taking the right quantity of food for his or her own needs!

There is also medical reason why kids refuse to eat. When kids have a well documented medical condition or are visibly sick, it is obvious that their eating can be affected, but sometimes there are more subtle issues. Two of the biggest culprits are acid reflux and constipation. Both of these very common problems for kids can put a halt to eating.

For many “picky eaters”, sensory processing plays a big role in their refusal to eat foods. Simply put, if something feels gross in their mouth or on their hands, they aren’t going to eat it. they may not like certain textures in their mouth, or chew/lick everything else but food, it is a sign that their oral sensory system needs to be looked at.

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Being kind doesn’t mean we have to be stupid, weak, naive!

I always say BE KIND and I truly believe in the meaning of these words!

But, I have noticed that some people sees the kindness like a weak value, something that can be used against you.  

I think some persons even think I’m easy to manipulate or a real push-over. I remember a lot of situations when I chose to be kind to a person and let myself down so that person can feel he/she won.

I am sure that God gave me this value and wants me to use it and to be kind, But also I AM SURE He doesn’t wants people to think or treat me as I am a weak person, here is not my problem but their problem. I choose to still show kindness and help people, I believe kindness can transform a heart made of stones into a gold heart full of kindness and compassion!

Learned my lesson, some people will always try to put you down and think they are better than you, and makes you feel weak, especially when they discover your kindness ”weapon”. In these situation I remember these kind of people seek attention, they might be hurt inside, or have no wisdom!

Like bible says in Matthew 5:44, just read, it’s an amazing verse

In these time we all live, feels like it’s the end of the world soon. So if we are all unkind, severe what is going to happen? Next time we meet a kind, compassionate person, try to be nice and think that we all live on this earth we all never know what happens in the next minute, we have to measure our words that comes from our mouth. We all live once, let’s be kind and lovely persons!

What is kindness?

Kindness is a behaviour marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition and consideration for others. It s a virtue, a value which is considered to be one of the knightly virtues.

Being kind often requires courage and strength!