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First day of being a wife

I got married yesterday, finally!

I am saying finally because we have been planning our wedding since January 2020, before knowing that Coronovirus will change our plans.

First, we planned for May 2020, then 1 st of December and God blessed us with the day 12.12.2020, our special day happened yesterday!

How is it to be a wife? Well, I do not know yet, but I can say it’s a blessing from God. I lived in the same house with Daniel since June 2019, we had our ups and downs, BUT now I am feeling revealed as I am finally A WIFE with documents!

Unfortunately, our families weren’t able to attend (COVID), but we can’t wait to have them in for our wedding party in MAY 2021 back in our home country, ROMANIA. We are thankful for our friend that attended the wedding yesterday.

My challenge now is to change all my documents as I have changed my surname… wish me luck!

  • We can’t wait to see what God has for our future!