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Fiecare copil contează

Copiii sunt așa de inocenți, te iubesc fără prejudecări, îți zâmbesc în supermarket, pe strada, în parc.

Da, fiecare copil contează pentru mine, pentru noi, fără a ține cont de etnie, de familia de care aparține, dacă sunt bogați sau săraci, religia nu contează. Copilașii sunt prețioși în viața noastră.

Putem noi oare să judecăm un copil pe baza a ceea ce a făcut, sau ce crede familia sa?

Imaginează-ți cazul următor – Alex are 9 ani și provine dintr-o familie cu o stare financiară precară, merge la școală rareori, iar hainele lui mereu sunt murdare. Acum, ce face Doamna Profesoară? Din păcate în cele mai multe cazuri, nu o interesează, nu o deranjează că acel copil lipsește. Dar ce face asistentul social, practic stă la birou, înconjurat de documente. aEste un caz, în general, nu toții oamenii acționează la fel…

Cazul 2 – Maria are 7 ani, provine dintr-o familie bine-cunoscută din oraș, părinții au stare financiară destul de bună. Într-o zi nu apare la școală, de obicei Maria era acolo la ora 9, în prima bancă. Doamna profesoară sună părinții și se interesează de Maria. Cazuri diferite, acțiuni diferite.

De ce nu ne-am interesa de toții copii care lipsesc de la școală, sau care vin cu haine murdare? Pentru că unii oamenii judecă situația de bunăstare a familie, judecă copilu in funcție de FAMILIE!

Fiecare copil contează, niciodată nu vom știi cum un copil sărac v-a ajunge într-o funcție importantă, si sunt multe exemple. Doar da-ți o șansă unui copil și ve-ți vedea acel copil înflorind.

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Donations for poor children- Christmas time 🎅🏽

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What is poverty?

Is poverty the fact that a person doesn’t have running water or the toilet in the house?

The poverty is when a child slept with an empty stomach, the child had no lunch or dinner, just a slice of bread and some water.

You think it’s not possible, but I know families that afford to buy their daily bread, they are short on money and have no income.

Here is one example:

Mary is 35 years old, she is a single mom of 3 children. She never had a chance to get an education when she was a child.
She has no qualifications, all she knows is how to be a Mom. The Dad left them about 1 year ago, he’s no paying any child allowance. The house is composed of one room, with no electricity or running water, the room is in a bad condition. In the village aren’t any opportunities to get a job. The only income comes from children’s allowance, which probably is around £60 monthly. the question is: how in the world can you feed 3 children and a mom with that wage?

** The name have been changed to protect identity

**The family is from Romania

**True story

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Poor children live with one meal a day, or sometimes one slice of bread. I met those families, children. They do not ask you for anything, but you can read in their eyes their struggle of day to day to survive.
One family has no Dad figure, and the 4 children live with neighbours, relatives because they do not have a house, no stability.
I am trying to help some families and give children HOPE for a bright future. If you wanna be part of it, just send me a message or support a family.

Together we can change their day, make them smile 🙂


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Every country has families living in poverty. With this global pandemic, I know a lot of parents have lost their jobs, and it’s really hard to find a new job.

When a child is born, they do not choose their families dependending on their social status, how many money they have in their bank account. God will take care of that child.

I know children who has to work instead of going to school, when actually only the education can save you from poverty.

Some children drop off the school to work, or they get married (early marriage). I know hundreds of girls between the age of 12 and 18 and they already have children, and a partner, they became mature before their time. In a village, is a girl and she is 13, she gave birth to her son last year, the kid has a father and they live together in a tiny room, the community, parents, family they all are aware of this situation, but they normalize it and say nothing about it. Now, how many chances has that child to go to school, and have a job? I think the child most likely will copy the parents behavior, and will take them like a role model.

When the kid will start school in that village, the teacher will give him no changes of higher education, probably will avoid going to his desk and look into his work, ask if we understood the lesson, and so on. The parents, do not have themselves education, so what happens to the child? He will fall into the poverty cycle. Believe me, I am talking the true, true cases, I have seen them with my eyes.

Poverty is all around the globe, some children have no food with days, no access to education, or a bright future.

These children needs people who cares about them, not people who cares about their pockets. Try to help a poor family, and do not judge them.

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