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Support Children’s Mental Health

1. Stress Management 

Just as adults get stressed, so do young children. However, they may not have the coping strategies yet to handle it. Children may display stress through mood swings, difficulty sleeping, bedwetting or displaying signs of feeling physically unwell such as tummy aches. They may also change their behaviour and habits, becoming more clingy or sucking their thumb. 

When you see signs that your child is stressed, it is important to communicate with them on what may be the source of the problem. Firstly, identify the triggers, then help them to build a strategy towards overcoming the issue. Let them know that it is okay to be anxious or upset, and help provide vocabulary for what they are facing as well as calming techniques. I reccomend you to use pep cards.

2. Make Time for Play/ have fun with your child/ren

Routines are a source of comfort for children, so help build and maintain routines that you can adhere to consistently. Knowing what to expect helps children to feel secure and loved, whilst reinforcing good behaviour and developing positive habits such as washing hands or brushing teeth. It also removes anxieties surrounding the unknown or change. 

3. Healthy food/habits

A nutritious and balanced diet and regular exercise are essential in maintaining your child’s physical and mental health. Introducing good eating habits when they are young will continue as they grow older, and ensures that they have had the proper fuel to support their development.

4. Develop Self-esteem 

For older children in particular, issues such as popularity may impact their wellbeing and stress levels. Therefore, it is important to help them develop self-confidence, so that they can handle change and uncertainty with ease. Make sure to praise your child, celebrating their success and progress. In addition, help them understand that failure is inevitable and often beneficial, as it can help understand what to improve. 

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Here is a definition of overparenting – too much involvement by parents in the lives of their children, so that they try to help with or control everything that happens to the child: over-parenting can lead to anxiety and depression in young people.

Usually, over-parenting happens in families with one child or with the first child when parents are trying desperately to raise a perfect child which eventually will become the perfect adult, which word ”perfect” doesn’t exist!

By the age of 2, some children can read, write, cook, swim, drive, start up a business, and paint the walls not with poo but paint. I am exaggerating and sarcastic now. 

Over-parenting or tiger parenting comes in many forms and many actions done by the parents thinking that they are protecting and raising a healthy child, when in fact, they give no chance to that child to decide without their influential. Family Studies has found that over-parented children show less autonomy, competence and ability to relate to others as teens, which can result in depression and decreased overall life satisfaction.

Children deserve a childhood with no unnecessary restrictions from an over-parenting parent!

Relax, take a deep breath and re-think your parenting style!

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Teaching kindness to children

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. ― Dr Seuss

Many parents are wondering when should I teach kindness to my child?

Well, do not forget that the child is imitating you and you are his/her role model at least in the early years.

“We can’t control their behaviour, but we can look for ways to demonstrate kind behaviour ourselves.”

Fortunately, kids are eager to copy us from a young age, so you can model kindness from the time they’re babies. “After all, you want your 18-month-old to imitate hugging someone. As they get older, your kids will watch how you treat people, from subtle interactions, such as putting your phone down to make eye contact and say thank you, to more tangible acts of kindness, like inviting a lonely person to share a holiday, bringing a meal to a sick neighbour, comforting the bereaved, and donating time and money to take care of people in need.

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Copiii își imită părinții

Te-ai întrebat vreodată, de ce mă imită copilul?

Copiii imită adulții încă din primii ani de viață, este stilul lor de a învăța despre lumea ce-i înconjoară.

Atenție filmuleț prea drăguț https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9Ow8yW0c3E ( copiii imită părinții).

Copiii sunt oglinda părințiilor, cel puțin până în primul an de școală, atunci vor imita colegi, profesori, practic vor avea de unde să aleagă pe cine să imite, din păcate vor imita și exemplele de AȘA NU. Dar aici este datoria părinților de a intervenii cu scopul de a corecta.

La vârsta de 2 ani, copilul va imita din acțiunile părințiilor. Cum ar fi:

  • Vorbesc la telefon, vor folosii obiecte pretinzând că este un telefon
  • Vor încerca să te ajute atunci când dai cu mopul

Ei imită deoarece vor sa fie exact ca părinți sau frații lor. Se uită la tine ca la un model de urmat, vor sa fie ca tine atunci când vor fi adulți.

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How divorce affects children

Growing up with both parents is a blessing, but what is like for a child to grow up with a single parent?

When getting married you do not think it will last 1. month or 5 years but ”till death do us part”, but there are some parents who decide to break the vow sooner. There are a lot of reasons why the parents divorce. When the marriage come to an end the parents are now fighting for the custody ( well, some of them).

Which are the effects of divorce

I will say the first 6 months – 1 year is the most difficult time

The kids might suffer anxiety, distress, anger, abandoned, and can have suicidal thoughts (depends on their age).

There is a huge emotional impact on young children, they can blame themselves about the situation, or they may think that the parents are not loving them.

Children from divorced families may experience more externalising problems, such as conduct disorders, children may also experience more conflict with peers after a divorce, poor academic results.

Always tell your children the truth in regards to divorce!

I believe is better to be divorced than staying in a toxic relationship.

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Happy father’s day!

In the USA, UK and Canada – Fathers’ Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June since being made a national holiday in 1966. In Australia and New Zealand, fathers are honoured the first Sunday in September. Other countries celebrate fathers throughout the year. For example in my country (Romania) we celebrated in May.

I wanna talk about the importance of being a DAD for the children, to be there, to be a foundation for your family.

I could not enjoy that much of my dad, I was his princess for 14 years. But I know that in the moment when dad wasn’t there It felt like a collapse.

Believe me, a dad can make a HUGE difference in his daughter life! He is the one that the girl will look up at and she will take him like a future model of her future husband. When I was about 16 I remember having a boyfriend and I used to compare his actions with my dad, the way he treated me, how my dad treat my MOM and even the appearance.

A father has an even greater influence on his children than a mother when it comes to the development of behaviour traits.

Fathers who show love to their daughters and accept them as they are help foster a positive sense of self in the female. Negligent fathers, on the other hand, can send their daughters down a dark path of depression, substance abuse, and psychological problems.

Fathers also play an important role when we talk about the financial and physical health of their daughters. Girls see their fathers as a symbol of financial stability. If the father was involved a lot in his daughter’s childhood, his daughter will be more likely to have better physical and financial health which can lead her to success.

Now, do not get me wrong, but fathers are important not just in his girl life but in the family as a whole!

Here is testimony from a anonymous person

”My father was emotionally absent, rejected me and was not the ideal father. I also watched him cheat on my mother. This article is so true because I became aggressive, angry, and did terrible in school. They got a divorce and it just caused so much depression and I’ve always felt like something was missing”.


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