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Being a Mommy

Being a Mommy… what does it mean?

For me it means:





It teaches me new things, opens my mind




Loving ❤️ unconditionally

And so much more…

Happy Monday 😊


Baby Amelia

You have probably noticed that for more than a month I wasn’t active on WordPress.

My baby Amelia Raisa was born on 5th January!

She is my everything. A sweet little baby girl, given by God, such a blessed gift!

Motherhood it’s not easy especially in the first months but it’s worth it.

I am sure, if you are a parent you must have knowledge of what I am trying to say here.

I would like to tell you more, but for now I gotta change that diaper.

*ignore my face, sleep deprived! 🙈

Happy new year, Year 2022, Year 2023

The last day of the year 2022

One more day of 2022, have you achieved all the goals for this year?

Take a few minutes to reflect on this year, what major events happened, how they impacted our lives and what we learnt from them.

In my opinion, this year (’22) was quite difficult, but at the same time, people’s empathy and kindness were revealed (e.g. think about the Ukrainian war).
How was this year for me?!
Full of surprises, like it should be. Feb’22 – I travelled to Hollywood, USA, this was on my to-do list, but have to say not really impressed.
I do recommend you to visit it.
I tried to focus more on my career, my marriage life, like spending quality time with my hubby. We also travelled to Rome this year.
In April we found out am pregnant, now this was a shock because a few days before we were sitting on a chair in the GP’s office talking about fertility issues (while I was actually pregnant).
That’s God’s work, trusting and having faith can move mountains!

I spent the hot summer being pregnant and going to my job.
Here we are on the last day of the year with me still pregnant at 39 weeks.
I already know what the new year will look like – we will be 3 which means FAMILY TIME for 2023.
What do you think 2023 will look like for you?
Have a blessed day, x

https://crinamorpho.wordpress.com/childrens-book/: The last day of the year 2022
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Keep them close by letting go

Last year I enrolled on a CPD course called Positive Parenting.
I recommend this course to anyone working with children, parents, carers, anyone who comes in contact with children.
It comes in handy now that in less than a week I will be on the road called ”parenting”

This is a lesson I read many times because I found myself and some friends caught in this ”story”.

Being too restrictive builds up resentment and can lead to rebellion- let go of them.

Helping our children make their own decisions and choices instead of telling them what to do it’s far more beneficial. Let them decide with guidance.

Of course, if a child is very young and in danger, we are not going to let them do something that would obviously be harmful, that’s why we are there to supervise, guide, teach them.

Help them develop independence, self worth and self confidence

When I was a child, my parents never taught us any self confidence or worth but a form of ”crazy” independence. Growing up I taught myself how to be confident, know my worth.

  • Ask for their opinion and show you value it by acting on what they say at least some of the time.
  • Encourage them to think for themselves, share opinions and options. This will help them to problem solve.
  • Help them feel included and and confident to contribute. This is essential for teaching them to value their opinions, self confidence and self worth,

Like I said, if you wanna expand your knowledge, skills do this course, it’s amazing how will make you remember of your childhood, your parenting styles or your parents tyoe of parenting.

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Moving home + Pregnancy contractions

I am 37 weeks pregnant, and we have just moved to a new home!!! Not a smart move but so needed.
Two days ago, we moved from a flat to a nice house (still renting it)

We decided to move as you all may know, we are expecting a blessing to be delivered in less than 2 weeks or sooner.
Moving is not fun when you are 37 weeks pregnant, lots of work has to be done, like cleaning, carrying in and out furniture, and sorting out the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room to make it all look like home.
That’s what we were doing yesterday when the contractions started while I was in Lidl to buy food. I thought that’s where I am giving birth, in Lidl!?

Hasn’t happened yet, came home and relaxed in a nice warm bath.
We still have to sort out a lot of things in our new home, before the baby comes. I will let my husband clean and sort out the rest of the staff while I sit and give indications, in the end, am the one pregnant 🙂



Pe 8 Decembrie am împlinit 27 de ani. Odată cu trecerea timpului realizăm cât de puțin înseamnă un cadou și ce mult contează un apel primit de ziua ta, cu o un sincer urat de ”LA MULTI ANI!”

Cu fiecare an ce trece devenim mult mai înțelepți, sau cel puțin așa ar fi ideal, renunțăm la vicii, ne pasă tot mai puțin de părerea celorlalți, ne focusăm pe familie, facem economii și plănuim vacanța mult dorită pe care v-om plătii cu banii munciți de noi.

27 sună bine pentru mine, cu multe schimbării în bine, scopuri de atins și rugăciunii de mulțumire.

Bible verse, christmas, God's blessings, reason or season

Philippians 4:13: I can do everything through him who gives me strength

Reminder for today.

This month can be challenging, stresfull and overwhelming.
Do not give up! celebrate the reason we are going to celebrate.
It can be stressful to keep up with work, buy that perfect Christmas present for someone, cleaning and decorate the house for your guests.
But you know what, take a minute, relax and repeat ”God gives me strength”. You are doing just fine!

This year I am very relaxed and chilled, do not have a Christmas tree, and my home is not that clean for guests (I am not going to have any)

Christmas cards and presents can wait until next year.
Soon my baby girl will be born, we are moving house in 2 weeks.

My goal is to celebrate the reason this year, together with my husband and our munchkin.
God bless you!

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1 Decembrie 2022

La multi ani, România!

Țara noastră frumoasă, primitoare cu oameni simpli de la țară care încă păstrează tradiții vechi de sute de ani. Bunicile noastre care au rămas acasă, în țara noastră dragă, curând vor pune lemnele în sobă și vor coace cozonaci, cornulețe și plăcinte cu miros și gust de acasă, miros de copilărie…

Unirea de la 1 decembrie 1918 reprezintă Ziua Națională a României, celebrată anual ca zi națională din 1990. Sărbătoarea aniversează Marea Adunare Națională de la Alba Iulia și unirea provinciilor Basarabia, Bucovina ,Transilvania, Banat, Crișana, Maramureș și Sătmar cu Regatul României.