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I am Crina Andreea, born in Romania, moved to London in 2018.
I love working with vulnerable kids and their families.
Focusing on education, parenting, mental health, wellbeing, and improving the lives of children living in poverty.
Raised as a child in a disadvantaged family, this is what made me stronger in this unfair world. Sharing my experiences to encourage young people to believe in themselves is what I love doing.

Drumul spre succes

De multe ori acest drum nu este deloc drept, lin. Drumul spre succes este plin de gropi, urcușuri, eșec, bolovani și așa de prin tufiș mai iese câte un șerpișor. În 2010 am plecat spre drumul meu, la vârsta de 14 ani, un număr minor și fără buzunare, dar cu […]

”No worries”

I hear this phrase at least 100 times a day. I live in the UK, it’s true. Before coming here, I never heard anyone ending a phone conversation with the phrase ”no worries, mate”. It’s simply annoying to hear so many times a day no worries, no worries and no […]


Sunday for some and workday for others, like me. My job requires weekends work, it’s open 24/7 so basically we never turn all the lights off. I am sure there are some of you working on weekends, raise your hands now ✋🏼 Such a lovely weather we have in the […]


Orașul Brașov a fost fondat de către Cavalerii Teutonici în anul 1211, asta înseamnă exact 811 ani în urmă. Iubesc acest oraș, de fiecare dată când mă reîntorc acasă în […]

Pure Kindness

Kindness is grace. Kindness comes from the Old English word ‘kyndnes’ meaning ‘nation’ or ‘produce, increase’. The word is further derived from the Middle English word ‘kindenes’ meaning ‘noble deeds’ or […]