Bible verse, christmas, God's blessings, reason or season

Philippians 4:13: I can do everything through him who gives me strength

Reminder for today.

This month can be challenging, stresfull and overwhelming.
Do not give up! celebrate the reason we are going to celebrate.
It can be stressful to keep up with work, buy that perfect Christmas present for someone, cleaning and decorate the house for your guests.
But you know what, take a minute, relax and repeat ”God gives me strength”. You are doing just fine!

This year I am very relaxed and chilled, do not have a Christmas tree, and my home is not that clean for guests (I am not going to have any)

Christmas cards and presents can wait until next year.
Soon my baby girl will be born, we are moving house in 2 weeks.

My goal is to celebrate the reason this year, together with my husband and our munchkin.
God bless you!

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