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”No worries”

I hear this phrase at least 100 times a day.

I live in the UK, it’s true. Before coming here, I never heard anyone ending a phone conversation with the phrase ”no worries, mate”. It’s simply annoying to hear so many times a day no worries, no worries and no worries… why British people are so worried all the time?

Excuse my sarcasm!

Accordingly to Wikipedia ”The phrase has influenced a similar phrase used in the Tok Piskin language in Papua New Guinea. Its usage became more common in British English after increased usage in Australian soap operas that aired on television in the United Kingdom. Linguistics experts are uncertain how the phrase became utilized in American English; theories include its use by Steve Irwin on the television program The Crocodile Hunter.

Personally, I do not ”swallow” the word worries, it’s not so positive. It’s funny how people are telling each ”no worries” Like do not worry mate, I got this, let me worry, you sit there on your chair, relax, let me be the ”no worries superhero”.

Once again, excuse my sarcasm! Now let’s go back to work, mate.

No worries!

Hakuna Matata!

2 thoughts on “”No worries””

  1. Interesting word history I didn’t know before! I actually started using this expression repeatedly after working with a colleague who returned to the U.S. after living in New Zealand for 10 years. She used it, and now to this day, I can’t seem to strike it from my daily vocabulary. Great blog you have here, Crina.


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