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Why I can’t agree in totality with this quote

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

Most of us have been told or heard someone saying this proverb, some people will say it with pride or others with belief.

Let’s ”translate” this saying= If you do something for someone, like giving a free fish to a needy person, they will eat that fish and tomorrow they will be hungry again. But if you show/teach them how to fish, they will learn how to take care of themselves for the rest of their life.

BUT be very careful when you say this quote as there are people with disabilities, basically, it’s over their human power to fish for themselves! Now tell me, how can the disabled child or adult not aware of their surroundings take that fish hook and go out to the lake, river, sea, whatever and catch the fish to eat it tomorrow. Impossible right?

The above explains why I can’t agree with the whole proverb itself. I believe half of it, and I am sure you understand which part.

Some charities, businesses, CIOs, Social enterprises and the list can continue are using this proverb. I would not use this proverb because can’t be applied to all individuals, let’s not forget about the most vulnerable people in this world.

What are your thoughts about the proverb? Leave a comment

4 thoughts on “Why I can’t agree in totality with this quote”

  1. 💜 I AM Psychiatrically “DisAbled” EveryOne and some of My Friends ARE Physically “DisAbled” EveryBody; with Support We Have ALL Been Assisted to “Fish” for OurSelves instead of Relying on HandOuts…that said Some of Us who ARE Labelled “DisAbled” say “I CAN’T DO THIS!!!” when They CAN (Thank YOU!!! Barack Obama); it’s Crystal 🔮 Clear Clarity The “DisAbled” who Complain NEED!!! Help to “Fish”


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  2. If a man is hungry, just give him that bloody fish, otherwise he will be starving and not so able to learn how to fish.
    On the other hand, teaching is not easy. Maybe everyone can give a fish, but not everyone can teach someone how to fish.


  3. I suspect the person who originally said this meant it as a statement about the long-term value of teaching, rather than a negative view of short-term giving. Charitable aid organizations tend to focus on both.


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