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Teaching children to be grateful

Start from an early age to teach your child/ren the art of appreciation and gratefulness

Sometimes, children do not understand (depending on age) that to have 4, 5 boxes of toys in the lounge, someone has to work to afford those toys, they aren’t falling from the sky nor a magic formula will bring stuff for us. So we have to explain, teach our children the art of being grateful, thankful with what they have and not asking every day for a robot, doll, Lego and so on

I have witnessed some parents bribing their child with a new expensive toy every time they wanted to go out on a Saturday night, they will say
”If you go to sleep now and behave,m tomorrow we will buy you a new toy” the child is snoring so off they went. Tell me to know, will the child appreciate the toys, or will she/he ever play with that toy?

Start by teaching them to say the magic words ”Thank you and please” Be a role model for them. Treat everyone with kindness.

Talk with children about sharing. Observe the child at a play date, is he/she happy sharing the toys?

What if you ask the children to pack up some toys they do not want and then take them to the children home or the poor family you know. Now is the time for the child to understand the art of gratefulness.

3 thoughts on “Teaching children to be grateful”

  1. 💜 I AM NOT!!! a Parent yet I AM Most Certainly SomeOnes Child Moulded in Their Image; what Struck Me about My Parents is that They Told Me To Behave in a Certain Way but They Didn’t Behave that Way and When I Pointed Out Their HYPOCRISY!!! I Got PUNISHED!!! for ‘Being Cheeky’; so I Started to Play DUMB!!! while Doing Things Behind My Parents Back…now They Lament how “UnGrateful” I AM when I AM Simply Mimicking Their Behaviour; it’s a Sad Fact-Of-Life that Many Parents ARE Two-Faced and CONFUSE!!! Their Children with ‘Do as I SAY!!! NOT!!! as I Do’ and, Even Worse, Send Children on Guilt Trips when Kids have NO CHOICE!!! when it comes to Being Born…it’s a Parents CHOICE!!! to Have Children; it’s, Sadly, NOT!!! Surprising when ‘Grown Up’, Adult Kids CHOOSE!!! to Minimise Contact with Their Parents to The Extent of Being Estranged via Family Ostracism and Schism due to IGNORANT PARENTAL HYPOCRISY!!!



    1. Thanks for your comment. You’re right. Some parents do not understand that first they are our role models, heroes…
      I understand you well. My parents use to neglect us a lot, but now I understand that their parents neglected them too, so it’s a circle.

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      1. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome and Thank YOU!!! for YOUR!!! Kind Words; it’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve, Stay Strong and Serene


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