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Emotional intelligence for children

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

 Do you let your children express their feelings, or you ask them not to cry and go to their room?

Are you supporting the child to express those feelings, emphasise with an angry, frustrated, happy, sad child?

”If we were told from the beginning that childhood defines adult mental health, we would take care to be more loving of a child’s soul”.

I think most of our parents would relate to this sentence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be smart about managing your emotions.

E.I describes someone’s ability to express his or her emotions appropriately, to correctly interpret other people’s emotions, and to understand the triggers and outcomes of certain emotions.

From the age of two, your child should be able to show affection, you might see three years old comforting an upset child, they five hugs or a toy. They are capable of understanding the feeling of others. There are thousands of ideas on how to teach your child about emotions ( use cards, be a role model, and other technics like “bubble breaths”).

Imagine you are a 5 y.o and you playing with Legos, building a house, and someone comes and is destroying your work, what do you do next as a child?

But what would a parent that knows the importance of E.I in early childhood? Most probably will come to you and let you communicate your feelings, talk with you about understanding others, compassion, and support you in building the new house of Legos

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