Month: Feb 2021

Busy bee

I won’t be around for a little while because I am working on a children’s book!!!I had this sentence on my to-do list for quite a while, ”write a children’s book, Crina”!But all the time was something else coming my way that stopped me. Finally, this should be a perfect […]

Changing a future

5 little children from Romania live in poverty. They never had their own house. The children and a single Mom are living in a tiny room with no electricity or running water. The room is not even theirs, it is Mom’s boyfriends. He is aggressive with the children and kicks […]

Emotional intelligence for children

 Do you let your children express their feelings, or you ask them not to cry and go to their room? Are you supporting the child to express those feelings, emphasise with an angry, frustrated, happy, sad child? ”If we were told from the beginning that childhood defines adult mental health, […]

”Tell me about yourself”

I am unemployed since December 2020. I resigned from a job I had in childcare. I thought what’s wrong in wanting to do what you truly love and have been studied for Well, during these difficult times, here I am 2 months later still on hunting. I had lots of […]


Some families still live in unimaginable ways. Even though we are in the year 2021The family I am talking today is formed of a widowed Mom and 4 little kids. They live in a high rate of poverty, don’t have their own house (living with a mom’s sister) and their […]

De ce nu o sa-mi botez copilul

Cu toții am auzit de eroarea omeneasca, de acel copil care la varsta de 6 saptamani a fost botezat in stil ortodox, în urma botezului bebelusul a prins aripi spre un loc pe care noi nici macar nu ni-l putem imagina, raiul în toată splendoarea lui. Nu o să intru […]