Month: Jan 2021

Child grooming

Today I want to talk about grooming. What is grooming? Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, abuse, exploit them. Anybody can be a groomer, no matter their social status, gender, age, race. Child grooming refers […]

Child development milestones

Developmental milestones are the skills that most children can do by a certain age. At the age of 1 year the child should be able to do the following: Communication skills Points at objects Makes more meaningful sounds e.g. no, mamma, cup, dadda… Responds to own name Physical May take […]


What is positive parenting?Positive parenting builds healthier relationships between parents and their children. It gives the parents the tools they need to use at the right time, is also focused […]


Make sure your parenting style is supporting healthy growth and development because the way you interact with your child and how you act will influence your child’s future There are four types of parenting styles: Authoritarian Authoritative Permissive Uninvolved Authoritarian The parents do not take the children’s feelings into consideration […]

PARENTING – ce este?

Aș vrea să traduc PARENTING dar nu avem un cuvânt care să definească acest termen din engleza. Dar sunt ferm convinsă că multi dintre voi știți la ce mă refer, dacă nu, v-om descoperii împreună. Parenting nu este despre copii, ci în folosul copiilor. Parenting se referă la procesul de […]