Fun activities to do at home with children

Some of us are stuck in the house, and I know that some of you are trying your best to keep the children busy, but not by giving them a gadget, or let them watch the TV all day long. You are a responsible parent.

Depending on the children’s age, you can try doing some of these indoor activities:

  1. Karaoke, cause why not? Be careful to choose the right playlist.#

What are some benefits of singing at home?

  • It’s good for the mind, helps the memory, helps the child learn rhythm and rhyme. And you never know, the child might develop a new passion for the music.
  • Doing karaoke with children it’s a great way to bond; it’s good for the parents, siblings.
  • You can clearly say the mood change when you give that karaoke mic to the child.

2. Baking

I have always loved to bake biscuits, cookies with children, it’s my favourite activity.


  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Cooking encourages children’s thinking, creativity.
  • You can learn the child the basic skills, like counting.
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