Month: Nov 2020


From 12 months to 2 years you have a toddler now. Developmental milestones are behaviours, physical skills, communication skills seen in infants and children as they grow and develop. Crawling, wahing, walking are all considered milestones. As the child grows between 1-2 years old they will start to learn social […]

Educația- cheia succesului?

”Un om educat se deosebeste de un om needucat, asa cum un om viu se deosebeste de un om mort”. Aristotel Copiii au nevoie de educație, dar mai ales de îndrumare, sfaturi și încurajare. Dacă educația este cheia succesului, ce facem cu acei copii care nu pot accesa educația, sau mai […]

Lockdown 2-UK

As the Premier said, we are going into a second LOCKDOWN until 2nd of December. I am anti Lockdown, they will resolve nothing, like with the first one, it’s a waste of time, economy, and the poverty is rising. “The COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to push an additional 88 million […]