#disadvantaged, #poverty


What is poverty?

Is poverty the fact that a person doesn’t have running water or the toilet in the house?

The poverty is when a child slept with an empty stomach, the child had no lunch or dinner, just a slice of bread and some water.

You think it’s not possible, but I know families that afford to buy their daily bread, they are short on money and have no income.

Here is one example:

Mary is 35 years old, she is a single mom of 3 children. She never had a chance to get an education when she was a child.
She has no qualifications, all she knows is how to be a Mom. The Dad left them about 1 year ago, he’s no paying any child allowance. The house is composed of one room, with no electricity or running water, the room is in a bad condition. In the village aren’t any opportunities to get a job. The only income comes from children’s allowance, which probably is around £60 monthly. the question is: how in the world can you feed 3 children and a mom with that wage?

** The name have been changed to protect identity

**The family is from Romania

**True story

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