When the days are long and bad

Sometimes I have these days in my life, especially at workplace. Some people prefer to be the opposite of nice, kind and lovely. I think I am a ”lucky” person as I really do not care about people’s opinion (depends on what they say).

I have noticed that if a person is hurt inside, outside acts like a angry, hungry lion/lionesse, ready to argue, to hurt and create pain for the people around them.

Sometimes I have long days, when I feel that the day never goes away, I am dreaming with my eyes open, counting the hours, trannsforming the hours in minutes, just to work for someone’s elses dream, so they can relax, and go to the most expensive holidays?

What do we receive back, sometimes a fake smile, more duties to do, and discriminatory words wrapped in a beautiful gift box with a pink ribbon.

When the days are long and bad, I COOK!

I love baking, cooking, and also i have noticed that every time I shop, I come home with a new ustensil, a plate or a bowl. Is really relaxing to do soemthing for YOU, and also to have the pleasure of offering, sharing what you have baked, cooked.

I DO RECOMMEND you these amazing set!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

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