When life gives you lemons…


All of us had to cancel plans, or some lose the job, or a dear person have passed away, really sad to think and see these events taking over our lives.

For example, I have received a lot of lemons this year, they were really sour, NO WEDDING! The most amazing and awaited event of my life was CANCELLED, I think my ex-boyfriend have prayed to El Diablo, for this COVID to happen, so blame him!

But you know that in the end the GOOD forces will win!

What can we do now? Stay in despair and cry, or blame? I think we should go in the kitchen, take the lemons and squeeze them really hard into a jar, add some water, honey and drink it! It’s yummy, isn’t it?

I am not a patient person, I want the things to happen now and not in 1 month or a year, so this COVID-19 teach me patience and FAITH. Trust in God and be sure that HIS plans are greater than yours, we make a lot of plans, and I think God looks at us and says” Oh, my child if you will know that I have a bigger and beautiful gift/plan for you…

” I just trust God and know that HE will provide what I need at the right moment. All my struggles, sadness, and cancelled plans (wedding) are going to be blessed/transformed into something that I can’t imagine, but it will be worthed.

Is that lemonade good?

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