How to explain racism to children

In these times we live now, with protests happening around the world and in our communities, it’s so important to sit down with the child and explain what is happening. The children are really curious and it’s the adults job to explain in a nice way to kids.

Did your child ever asked you ”Daddy, Mommy, what is a racist”?

Remember to be honest,open and clear with your child while giving explanation. You can use books, movies, their favourite Disney movie, or a Superhero, now ask them if they believe anyone can be a princess, or a superhero?

It’s time to be honest and tell them that no matter how beautiful, smart, how good, or how many degrees they will obtain some people still won’t like them. I know it’s hard to say this to your child, but we all know that’s the truth.

In school they have multicultural day, kids needs to understand and to know that there are many cultures, races and people are different, which is a good thing for the world, imagine seeing the same colour every day, let’s say blue, isn’t boring?

The way adults acts with adults it’s the model the kids copies, if we are nice and kind to people for sure we will inspire this to our children.

As your child gets older, you can introduce the term racism and what racism means, which is basically not accepting someone who has a different skin colour than you do. And that it’s wrong and racism is wrong, and we accept all types of people no matter what their skin colour,religion, disabilities they have, we are all people and we all have one heart, we using our heart with love not hate.


Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

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