How to explain COVID-19 to kids

COVID-19 took many lives and created panic, fear and sadness.

But do not tell your kid that.

If the children do not ask about the virus, do not push it. But I know some children are really curios, and they might wonder in the morning why you not take them to school, or playdates?

Now is the moment to talk about the different types of virus, and why they have to stay away from other family members, friends, neighbours for a while. Children have the capacity to understand and to absorb information from adults more than we can imagine.

I really recommend you to download this book, which I think is free to download (https://phoebemorriscreative.com/superfelix) reading this book is a good way of starting talking about these strange times we live.

Also teach them simple ways to be safe, like washing hand for more than 20 seconds, the time it takes to sing ”HAPPY BIRTHDAY” twice.

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