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Baby Amelia

You have probably noticed that for more than a month I wasn’t active on WordPress. My baby Amelia Raisa was born on 5th January! She is my everything. A sweet little baby girl, given by God, such a blessed gift! Motherhood it’s not easy especially in the first months but it’s worth it. I am…

The last day of the year 2022

One more day of 2022, have you achieved all the goals for this year? Take a few minutes to reflect on this year, what major events happened, how they impacted our lives and what we learnt from them. In my opinion, this year (’22) was quite difficult, but at the same time, people’s empathy and…

Keep them close by letting go

Last year I enrolled on a CPD course called Positive Parenting.I recommend this course to anyone working with children, parents, carers, anyone who comes in contact with children.It comes in handy now that in less than a week I will be on the road called ”parenting” This is a lesson I read many times because…

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Philippians 4:13: I can do everything through him who gives me strength