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”No worries”

I hear this phrase at least 100 times a day. I live in the UK, it’s true. Before coming here, I never heard anyone ending a phone conversation with the phrase ”no worries, mate”. It’s simply annoying to hear so many times a day no worries, no worries and no worries… why British people are […]

Încoronarea lui Carol ca rege al României 10 Mai 1881

10 mai 1866 – Carol I a depus jurământul ca Principe Suveran al României, în faţa Adunării Constituante. Domnitorul a jurat că va fi credincios legilor ţării, că va păzi religia românilor, integritatea teritoriului lor şi că va domni ca suveran constituţional. Sub domnia sa de 48 ani, cea mai lungă din istoria ţării, România şi-a […]


Sunday for some and workday for others, like me. My job requires weekends work, it’s open 24/7 so basically we never turn all the lights off. I am sure there are some of you working on weekends, raise your hands now ✋🏼 Such a lovely weather we have in the UK, staying inside and working […]

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