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Safeguarding children (UK)

I studied social work back in Romania, got my degree in 2017, but life brought me in the UK in 2018, so clearly I haven’t had a chance to practice in my country, unfortunately. What I learnt about safeguarding children in Romania may or may not apply in one of the countries. Safeguarding children it’s… Continue reading Safeguarding children (UK)

What makes you happy?

Did we forget what made us happy years ago, when we were kids!? Let me give you one example from my childhood (there are many examples, I will try giving you one) Ice skating on the main street with my friends. We didn’t have much or been to our big city Ice Skating Ring, but… Continue reading What makes you happy?


Insecurity is linked to mental health conditions such as narcissism, anxiety, paranoia A person with high levels of insecurity may often experience a lack of confidence regarding many aspects of life. It may be difficult for that person to form lasting relationships or do their daily routine. DEALING WITH INSECURITY People who experience significant insecurities in daily… Continue reading Insecurity